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You’re taking Wegovy® to manage your weight, along with a reduced-calorie meal plan and increased physical activity. As you start using the different pens, you might wonder why you increase your dose of Wegovy® over time. It boils down to this: Not everyone’s body responds the same way to Wegovy®.

A gradual approach

Dosing for Wegovy® starts at 0.25 mg, once a week, for the first month. You will "step" up through a series of lower doses over several months until you reach your maintenance dose. Check in with your health care provider while increasing your dose to track what’s working for you and find out when you’re ready to move up to the next dose.

The Wegovy® pens come in 5 colors with different dose strengths. Use the dose labeling and color to help you find the right pen for where you are in your dosing schedule. For more on using the Wegovy® pens, check out tips for using your Wegovy® pen.

Dosing is sometimes adjusted

It’s important to talk with your health care provider about how each dosing strength of Wegovy® makes you feel. Sometimes health care providers decide that it may help to delay moving to the next dose for a few weeks. In some cases, the dose may be temporarily reduced.

If your health care provider delays your dose increase or reduces your dose, don’t get discouraged. For many people, it’s a normal part of the process of taking Wegovy®. The goal is for your health care provider to increase your dose again after a few weeks, eventually getting to the maintainance dose your health care provider decides is right for you.

Pay attention to how you feel, and let your health care provider know about any side effect that bothers you or doesn’t go away.

Keeping Track

Here are some things you can do to keep an eye on how you are doing:

Track your progress: keep track of your doses, your weight, and how you are feeling. Use your My Progress section in your WeGoTogether® portal to update your stats.
Know what to look for: take note of weight changes and side effects. These could be signs that you need to discuss your dosing with your health care provider.
Work with your health care provider: your health care provider is your best partner in helping you find the right pace for you. Keep them in the loop.
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Remember Your Goals

The gradual increase in your dose of Wegovy® is helping you move toward where you want to be with your weight-management goals. Remembering why you started this in the first place can help keep you encouraged, motivated, and on track to meet your goals.