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Category: Lifestyle

The moment you decided to focus on managing your weight, you took a big step forward. And it meant a lot of changes: switching up what you eat, getting active, and working with your health care provider.

You’ve made progress and that’s worth celebrating. But how do you measure progress and build on your successes?

Take Tiny Steps

Your progress depends on the specific goals that you’re working toward. Setting a goal that is too big or hard to define can make you feel like your progress has stalled. Short-term, achievable goals can allow you to take tiny steps toward where you want to be and see small successes, which can feel great. Here’s how to make sure your tiny steps add up to bigger change:

Be specific about what you’re going to do, when you’re going to do it, and how often
(eg, I am going to ride a bike 3 times a week)

Make sure the step you plan on taking is an activity you can see yourself doing
(eg, if you hate kale, you might want to avoid a goal around adding more kale to each meal)

Keep Track to Stay Motivated

Tracking your progress shows you where you started, how far you’ve come, and where you’re going with your weight-loss goals. Focusing on your progress and celebrating your successes can help motivate you to continue making the healthy changes you started because it shows you what you’re capable of and reminds you of your strengths. Whether you measure by the numbers or by how you feel, your WeGoTogether® Snapshot can let you see where you are and has information you can use.

Rely on Your Reasons

Think about what’s important to you. It can help determine how you work toward your goals and measure progress. Your personal reasons might include feeling better or being able to do more physical activities with loved ones. Think about what’s important to you. It can help determine how you work toward your goals and measure progress. Try this:

Identify what matters to you: These could include family, health, relationships, or career.

Ask yourself: Do my efforts support my personal reasons?

Challenge yourself: How can you measure your progress differently?

Measure your progress in the way that’s most meaningful to you.

Find Your Balance

You are more than your numbers. But when you first get started managing your weight, the numbers are often the focus. Changing your eating habits and getting active are front and center. But other aspects of life can affect how happy you are with your progress.

Think about the things you love, such as connecting with friends and family, traveling, or having a hobby. These are all important to a balanced lifestyle. These fun activities can help reduce stress and improve your mood, which may help you as you maintain your lifestyle changes. It’s all connected.

Consider setting goals around the activities that may give you balance. Maybe it’s starting a new hobby or making a connection. It could be visiting a new place. Pick one and set some milestones. You might find that it helps you feel better about where you are and where you are going.

Remember, your progress is just that—yours. Keep looking to where you want to be and remember why you started on your weight-loss path.