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Getting to your maintenance dose of Wegovy® can take some time. Along with increased physical activity and a reduced-calorie meal plan, managing your weight with Wegovy® is a gradual process. It’s important to follow the dosing schedule as prescribed by your health care provider, but it may feel like it is taking a while to get to your maintenance dose. In the fifth month onward, your health care provider may either maintain your dose at 1.7 mg weekly or increase your weekly dose to 2.4 mg.

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The process—and the progress

The process of increasing your dose takes time. That’s why it’s important to always keep in mind why you are doing this. Think of your reason as your North Star—something that will help keep you fixed on your goal and recognize the progress you have made. Here are some things to remember to keep you motivated to stay the course.

You are still on track: By staying on the dosing schedule, you have been able to keep taking Wegovy®. Wegovy® is meant to help you lose weight and maintain weight over the long term. That means you are working toward your weight-management goal over time.
You have time to keep building healthy habits that stick: The time you are taking to adjust to Wegovy® is also the time you are taking to create new routines for eating and getting active. Studies show that habits built over time are more likely to stay with you, so take the time to build them firmly into your routine. Think about what you have done during this time. Maybe you found some amazing recipes that are healthy, delicious, and even photo worthy. Or maybe you found a new activity that feels right and gives you energy. What about the support from others who are proud of how hard you are working? These are things that will last well beyond this part of the process.
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A marathon, not a sprint

The truth is, getting to your maintenance dose takes as long as it needs to, and that’s OK. Embrace it. See it as a time of adjustment and learning. Think about when you were learning a new skill or starting a new hobby. It took time, but you did it. Getting to your maintenance dose is the same. Remember that Wegovy® is helping you work toward the weight-management goals you set for yourself. You’ve got this.