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Category: Lifestyle

Whether you’ve recently hit a weight-loss goal or you’re currently working toward one, congratulations on making progress! Let’s talk about ways to celebrate!

Appreciating your successes can be a great way to boost your confidence and keep your momentum going. When you hit a milestone, enjoy the moment. Think about how far you’ve come, and remind yourself why you’re doing this.

What’s your milestone?

Getting to a target weight can feel like a great accomplishment. Keep in mind, you can also look toward milestones that are not measured by weight.

When you’ve been on your weight-management plan for a while, the numbers on the scale may not change as quickly as they did when you started, and that’s OK. A milestone can be anything that marks progress in how you feel or what you do.

Consider celebrating if you:

Stay on your meal plan without any slipups for a month

Reach your physical activity goals for a month

Create a daily healthy habit and stay with it for 2 months

Regardless of what the scale says, it’s still important to keep up your healthy routine. Celebrating your accomplishments may inspire you to keep that routine going and help you meet future challenges.

Something to look forward to

It may help you stay motivated toward a goal if you decide on your reward in advance. Think of something you’d like to do for yourself, and do it when you hit your next milestone.

Reward yourself!

These are just suggestions. You know what you enjoy—pick a nonfood reward that’s meaningful to you.

Take time to relax, read a book, or watch a movie
Bring home some flowers or a new house plant
Try a new activity with your friends or loved ones
Try out a new look with your clothes, hair, or nails
Download a new app or song on your mobile device
Treat yourself to new tech, such as headphones or a cooking gadget

Reward, but don’t regress

Make sure your reward allows you to stay consistent with your weight-management plan. If you celebrate with a high-calorie dessert (or any food that’s not on your meal plan), then you may undo your hard work. Choose a reward you’ll enjoy that won’t knock you off track.

What helped you get here?

While you’re celebrating, think about what you did and what you learned on the way to this achievement. This may help shape your routine as you move toward your next goal.

How were you able to reach this milestone?

What motivated you?

What skills did you use?

Who supported you along the way?

If a particular person was especially helpful or supportive, take a moment to thank them. Reflect on their partnership, and consider how it might help to bring other people into your support network.

As you move on to your next goal, take pride in every tiny step. Look forward to more of that feeling when your tiny steps add up to a big, satisfying milestone.